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Here’s the latest dispatch from the crossroads of faith and media:

The worst movie idea ever? Universal Pictures is reportedly reevaluating its PR strategy for the upcoming film The Hunt in the wake of recent mass shootings. The violent satire starring Hilary Swank and GLOW’s Betty Gilpin centers on liberal elites stalking and hunting MAGA-type “deplorables” for sport. More @

IMHO: Whether this movie is the result of right-wing paranoia or a left-wing wet dream, I don’t know. But I viewed the trailer and didn’t find anything socially redeeming in it. I seriously doubt the actual film is worth a second of anyone’s time. Quite the opposite. It appears to be a particularly gross example of the way the media fans the flames of tension in society. Some movies and TV shows encourage liberals to believe that conservatives are evil incarnate. Other films and TV outlets push conservative to think the same about liberals. In the process, we all get dehumanized. And when violence erupts? It’s the other side’s fault. And it’s not even the people in the media who are really to blame.

I’m, personally, for eliminating weapons of war (i.e. semi-automatic guns) from the streets of America but it seems to me that we’ve had mass murderers coming from both sides of the political fence and that it really is time for people on both sides to tone down the rhetoric. And to stop pretending that it’s the people on the other side that are to blame. Hate itself is the enemy. It is an insidious monster that often masquerades as righteousness. It feeds on creating discord – both in individual minds and in society. If given its way, it would rip both people and society apart. And, unfortunately, today’s media – including cable news and social media – has become its tool. And, you know what? Those in the media aren’t to blame. They’re just people like the rest of us – being swept away by a force that is as old as time. It’s an ancient mindset that uses modern communications technology (which is often used to do a lot of good) against us. It’s a beast that can only be defeated by ignoring it until it starves and goes away.

All of which brings me to The Day of the Dove, a classic third-season parable from Star Trek: The Original Series.  Both Democrats and Republicans – and all of us –  could learn from it. Checkout the clips below. To quote Spock “Those who hate and fight must stop themselves…otherwise it does not stop.”

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11