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A dispatch from the crossroads of faith and media:

This letter from the producers of Law & Order-like true crime drama Gosnell recently popped up in my in-box. I think it’s worth sharing.

We know that Gosnell is changing people across America. In fact it is no exaggeration to say that the Gosnell Movie is the most popular movie in the US at the moment.

It has broken records on the Rotten Tomatoes website garnering an unprecedented 98% positive rating, by far the highest audience score of any film currently in theaters. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 98% score from 1,462 viewers who rated the film. The massive wave of real popularity from real people is in sharp contrast to establishment media critics who have mostly refused to review the film.

You can read about the unprecedented popularity of the Gosnell Movie here.

We know people love it because we keep getting amazing news about the Gosnell Movie and how it is affecting people. Just read this latest article from the prestigious Federalist website where attorney Adam Mill said the film “shattered my agnosticism on abortion.”

As you know this is not the only example of how the film has changed hearts and minds. Student Kathy Zhu said it had moved her from pro-choice to pro-life, social media entrepreneur Patrick Courrielche said it had “singlehandedly changed my mind on abortion.”

And of course we will never forget how the Gosnell Movie has saved a baby’s life. Inspired after a screening, a group of moms in Bakersfield, California brought their babies and went to pray outside an abortion clinic. There, they persuaded a woman not to have an abortion. The Gosnell Movie is saving lives and changing minds.

Thank you for your support in this. We could not have done it without you. Please bring people to see the movie if it is near you. Theaters are dropping the film – if it is not near you then think about going online and buying tickets as a donation towards the truth.

Hollywood and the mainstream media want this film to fail but we have smashed their attempts to suppress the truth. The film opened in the top 10 and is the most popular movie in the US. With your help we can prove that in America there is a desire and love for the truth.

Please go and see Gosnell or go online and buy some tickets.