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Here’s this week’s dispatch from the crossroads of faith and culture:

Here are a couple of faith-themed films that should be on your radar.

The 15:17 to Paris hits theaters this Friday (2/9). Director Clint Eastwood’s take on the true story of off-duty American servicemen who foiled a terrorist’s attack on a European passenger train features the real-life heroes (Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlotos and Spencer Stone) playing themselves.  From the looks of the trailer, they actually have some acting chops.

Samson brings the biblical adventure to the big screen to life on February 16.  It’s from Pure Flix.

Paul, Apostle of Christ opens March 28. Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ (and is planning to do so again in its forthcoming sequel) stars.

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