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The full Beck.
Blaze founder Glen Beck is participating as a special speaker at
the American Gospel Celebration (Sept. 1-3) at Louisville’s Freedom Hall at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Proceeds from event will support the Military Warriors Support Foundation. Beck speaks Saturday, joining his buddy Pastor John Hagee and Support Foundation founder Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Leroy Cisco as they present a new mortgage-free home to one of the American heroes. Musical performers at the three-day fest will include Lee Greenwood, Larry Gatlin, Diamnd Rio and The Isaacs, among others.

Glenn Beck is a modern-day media mogul. As CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, the author of 26 books (including 9 New York Times bestsellers) produces his eponymous radio and TV talk show (the 3rd most listened to radio show in the country)  and is the founder of website and TV channel The Blaze. Over the last year, Mercury One, his non-profit foundation, has provided aid for 2,400 persecuted Christians living in Iraq and Syria.

I recently had the opportunity to ask him five questions ranging from hi his participation in the AGC to his thoughts on so-called “alt-right.”

JWK: How’d you become involved in the American Gospel Celebration and what can people expect at the event?

GLEN BECK: I’m a good friend with John Hagee who I think is one of the bravest Christians alive today for his strength, for his vision for the last 30-plus years. He called me and said he was doing this and no only bring some faith to a very dark period of time in our nation, a very scary time in our nation, but also bring some joy not only to the people that attend but also to our veterans. It was a no-brainer to say yes.

JWK: What values does the event  represent to you?

GB: To me the event represents people coming together celebrating a deep belief and abiding faith in a Creator — in a country that I believe was founded by God Himself. We are a people that are supposed to be defending His (principles) not (just) for us but for our children and generations to come.

JWK: What kind of music to you like? What’s on your iPod?

GB: Wow! Lots of Frank Sinatra (and) Michael Bublé. I’m excited about his new album coming out. 

JWK: Considering those values of the AGC — and the fact that we’re in the middle of a presidential campaign — what’s the first thing a President Beck would do when he took office?

GB: The first thing a President Beck would do would be to follow in the footsteps of the presidents before us — Lincoln and Roosevelt and Washington — and call for a day of prayer and fasting…to humble ourselves before God and ask for help. Lincoln actually (called for) prayer and fasting…halfway through the Civil War. (I believe) we had lost every single battle up until that time. He called for that day of prayer and fasting I believe we won every battle after that except, perhaps, for one.

JWK: Getting topical for a moment, the so-called “alt-right” — the ultra-conservative voices and websites on the the internet — is in the news a lot this week for its overall support of Donald Trump. What’s your view of the alt-right. Is it just so much media hype — or is dangerous?

GB: I think is it one of the gravest threats to America that no-one really (understands). They’re all missing the point. Some churches — unbeknownst to the church — are actually involves with very dangerous groups that are sponsored by Russia. Every pastor in America needs to read the words of Aleksandr Dugin of Russia. He is leading what you would call the European right or “alt-right” here in America. What he believes every pastor and every Christian needs to be aware of. (The alt-right) is extraordinarily dangerous.

John W. Kennedy is a writer/development consultant specializing in teleplays, screenplays and novelizations. He can be reached at

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