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A buggy ride down Memory Lane. Tomorrow (Sunday 3/30) INSP will air a special 12-hour marathon to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of NBC’s airing of the two-hour pilot movie for Little House on the Prairie (on March 30. 1974). The pilot, of course, would by picked up by the network. The series itself debuted on September 11th that same year and ran as weekly series for ten seasons (the final season consisting of just a few movie specials).

The 12-hour event will kick off at 2 PM (ET). During the presentation, INSP invites fans to live Tweet along with Alison Arngrim who played the manipulative brat Nellie Olesen, a sort of school girl version of J.R. Ewing. During the marathon, Alison will field questions from her personal Twitter handle (@Arngrim) using hash tag #AskNellie.  She will answer the tweets in the order in which the tweets come in. You can tweet your questions in advance of the marathon as well.

IMHO: The show is a definite classic from a kinder, gentler era of network television. BTW, checkout the video. The show actually had a full-fledged (and memorable) opening sequence as well as a completely different closing sequence. Today, the networks are so concerned with jamming every possible commercial they can into every single second that program openings are usually reduced to blink-and-you-miss them title cards. The closing credits (where behind-the-scenes people are actually recognized for their work) now generally are crammed into the bottom third of the screen while the network promos an upcoming show. I miss the old approach. It was somehow less crass and produced many memorable music themes (like the two included in video above) that audiences remember fondly for decades.

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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