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1. The Three Keys That Open the Door to Great Success. That’s the title of a short motivational book by Harold Finch, the Christian entrepreneur, motivational speaker  and executive producer of the upcoming faith-based suspense film Unlimited. I met Harold during a trip to El Paso, Texas where the movie was being shot. I was given a copy of his book which he signed for me.  I must say I was impressed enough by the clear sincerity of the man that I actually took the time to pick up his book and read it. Part of the book suggests taking a day off from work or household chores to personally conduct what Harold calls a Dynamic Life Retreat — the idea of which is to create an action plan for achieving your God-given dreams.  I did so on Friday and I must say I feel renewed, re-energized and re-focused after doing so.   I highly recommend it. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

For more on Harold and his movie, you can take a look at the video below.

2. October Baby guest review. We have our second winner in the movie review contest.  A t-shirt and cast-signed poster is being sent to reader Maria Fletcher. Here’s her review:

Just like the movie, Bella, there was a butterfly included.  Very poignant in Bella, with the reference to the child’s toy, when the main character, Jose, sees it in the drain, and at the end, I believe, with the kite.  In this movie, it was in the opening.  Brought my mind back to Bella!
In one short scene, the main character, Anna, is shown in a fetal position.  Foreshadows of the main plot issue, a failed abortion.
I found the movie to kind of drag, but at the end, you get a lot of closure in several short and moving scenes.  The birth mother with her husband, the nurse with the police officer and his wife, and of course, with the main character and the note she left for her birth mother.
I didn’t know why a Baptist would be wearing a four way cross.  The main character tells the priest she is a Baptist.  All along, I thought the family was Catholic, because of the necklace she was wearing.  I didn’t know Baptists would wear that knowing that it has the miraculous medal and the saints on it.
Otherwise, I thought the movie was beautifully shot, well acted and a pleasure to watch.  Most of the jokes fell flat for me.  The really moving part was at the end, as I’ve mentioned.  And the bit in the credits was so moving.

Thanks for taking part, Marie.  As for me, as readers of this blog know, I highly recommend October Baby.

I’m taking the rest of this week off  to attend press events regarding the soon-to-released historical epic For Greater Glory (due in theaters on June 1)as well as to catch up on some of my other writing work. Till next week…

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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