In limited release, The Way scores well. The new Emilio Estevez film (starring his father Martin Sheen) opened in only 33 theaters this weekend, as of this writing, reportedly pulled in an average of $4,012 in each of them.  Per theater, it ranks as the Number 3 film in the country, trailing only the Hugh Jackman starrer Real Steel ($7,936) and George Clooney’s The Ides of March ($4,729).

The Way follows the physical and spiritual journey of Tom (Martin Sheen), a California eye doctor and widower who receives a word that his only son Daniel (Emilio Estevez) has been killed in a storm-related accident while hiking the Camino de Santiago (aka The Way of St. James) in the Pyrenees, a trail where some say miracles are prone to take place.  Tom finds himself moved to complete the journey his son began. As I wrote in my review of the film, the film is quiet yet gripping. I highly recommend it and hope that this weekend’s box office results will encourage a wider release next weekend.

I also had the opportunity last week to interview the Emilio and Martin about their collaboration.  One thing that came through for me is their obvious love and respect for each other. It also shows in their work.
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The overall rankings (per Box Office Mojo) list the overall top ten films as:

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week
1 N Real Steel BV $27,300,000 3,440 $7,936 $27,300,000 1
2 N The Ides of March Sony $10,400,000 2,199 $4,729 $10,400,000 1
3 1 Dolphin Tale WB $9,160,000 -34.2% 3,478 -37 $2,634 $49,070,000 $37 3
4 2 Moneyball Sony $7,500,000 -37.7% 3,018 +25 $2,485 $49,253,000 $50 3
5 5 50/50 Sum. $5,500,000 -36.4% 2,479 +21 $2,219 $17,300,000 $8 2
6 4 Courageous TriS $4,600,000 -49.5% 1,161 $3,962 $15,892,000 $2 2
7 3 The Lion King (in 3D) BV $4,552,000 -57.1% 2,267 -73 $2,008 $85,962,000 4
8 6 Dream House Uni. $4,500,000 -44.6% 2,664 +3 $1,689 $14,500,000 $50 2
9 8 What’s Your Number? Fox $3,050,000 -43.7% 3,011 +9 $1,013 $10,306,000 $20 2
10 7 Abduction LGF $2,900,000 -48.3% 2,591 -527 $1,119 $23,369,000 $35 3
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