Here are today’s dispatches from the crossroads of faith, media and culture.

1.  Credit Where Credit is Due Dept. From The Daily Caller: Monday, the National Organization for Women (NOW) spoke out against Newsweek’s most recent cover, which features an extreme close-up of Michele Bachmann and the title “The Queen of Rage.” “It’s sexist,” NOW president Terry O’Neill told TheDC. “Casting her in that expression and then adding ‘The Queen of Rage’ I think [it is]. Gloria Steinem has a very simple test: If this were done to a man or would it ever be done to a man – has it ever been done to a man? Surely this has never been done to a man.”

Comment: Good for NOW for going against its politics and defending a conservative woman. On the other hand, at least Newsweek chose a photo in which the presidential candidate is actually looking at the camera.

2. All bias all the time. From The Wrap: Following CEO Mark Rosenthal’s departure two weeks ago, Current TV co-founder Joel Hyatt has fully reclaimed the role he has held for the bulk of Current’s history. Almost immediately, he and co-founder Al Gore picked their new programming guru — David Bohrman, a longtime TV executive who comes by way of CNN and whose resume includes prior stints at both ABC and NBC…His explicit goal is to introduce and enhance the line-up around Chief News Officer Keith Olbermann, who hosts the network’s top-rated show, “Countdown.” Bohrman and Hyatt talked with TheWrap on Monday about going “all in” on news analysis, the flaws of cable news networks and social media innovations.
Comment: Here’s “news analysis” Al Gore style (via Politico) – “Some of the exact same people — by name I can go down a list of their names — are involved in this,” Gore said. “And so what do they do? They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.’ Bullsh—! ‘It may be sun spots.’ Bullsh—! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bullsh—!”
BTW, global warming must be real. I don’t think Gore was always such a hot head.

3. Quote of the Day (non-explitive edition):  When does (AMC’s Mad Men) come back? Who knows. It seems like it’s been off the air since the Kennedy administration. I can’t get with these newfangled TV schedules. In my day, we had three networks, all shows started on the hour or half-hour, they lasted from September till May, most of them were dreck, you couldn’t say naughty words … AND WE LOVED IT! – Anthony Sacramone @ Strange Herring

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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