Here are today’s Top 10 dispatches from the crossroads of faith, media and culture.

1. Glenn Beck talks about GBTV and his new clothing line (for real!).

2. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz apologizes to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham…

…and she accepts.

If you’re curious about the comment that led to all this, here it is:

MORAL OF THE STORY: There are two. Forgiveness is good.  And everyone would be wise to leave counter-productive name calling out of political debates.

3. Oprah finale draws highest ratings in 17 years. From Hollywood Reporter: Oprah Winfrey’s final broadcast delivered the talker’s highest household ratings in 17 years. The show, which had Winfrey reminiscing about 25 years in daytime, averaged a 13.3 household rating, according to preliminary ratings from Nielsen. (Total viewer numbers will be released in two weeks.)
It was the highest household average since the February 21, 1994 installment “People Shed their Disguises,” during which Winfrey convinced guests to stop hiding behind questionable style and grooming choices.

Observation: I’m not surprised at the big finish numbers. But the topic of  the previous record holder is a bit of a head scratcher.

BTW: As noted here yesterday, Oprah thanks Jesus for her success. From The Christian Post: A few years ago, the popular Christian recording artists Casting Crowns recorded a song in which they asked what would happen if the family of God turned to Jesus and stopped asking Oprah what to do. Ironically, in her final show, Winfrey credited Jesus for her success.
“People often ask me, What is the secret to the success of the show?” Oprah said during the finale on Wednesday – a show that drew its highest rating in 17 years. “How have we lasted 25 years. I non-jokingly say, my team – and Jesus. Because nothing but the hand of God has made this possible for me.”

4. Israeli entertainment mogul says President Obama needs to visit Israel. From CNBC: The most prominent Israeli-American business leader in the United States, Haim Saban, says President Obama needs to do more to show his support of Israel in light of the President’s comments last week suggesting Israel needs to return to its pre-1967 borders to achieve peace with the Palestinians.
In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Saban, one of the biggest individual supporters to the Democratic Party and chairman of Saban Capital Group, said Obama needs to visit Israel as he has done with other countries in the Middle East.
“I’m very perplexed as to why the president, who’s been to Cairo, to Saudi Arabia, to Turkey, has not made a stop in Israel and spoken to the Israeli people, Saban said. “I believe that the president can clarify to the Israeli people what his positions are on Israel and calm them down. Because they are not calm right now.”

5.  Getting to the roots of the Terrence Malick’s award-winning  film The Tree of Life. From The Wrap: Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” may have a summer release date, but it’s further away from being a typical summer movie than any other film released this season.
At times an intimate coming-of-age story and at times a cosmic meditation on grace, life and creation, Malick’s Palme d’Or winner is a remarkable achievement that has divided critics but is essential viewing for serious movie fans.
(Whether the film, which debuts in limited New York and Los Angeles release Friday, will translate to the casual multiplex crowd, even with Brad Pitt in a leading role, is another matter entirely.)
Since the famously reclusive Malick is not one to explain himself, TheWrap spoke to producers Bill Pohlad and Dede Gardner (left, at the Cannes awards ceremony) and to special effects supervisor Dan Glass about the various stages of Malick’s lyrical, fragmented, occasionally perplexing but always rapturous reverie.

7. Seven Hollywood star who suggest that marriage is obsolete. View the list @ HuffPo.

8. 15 signs your pastor/preacher is a nut job. View the list @ Strange Herring. Find out if suggesting that marriage is obsolete makes the cut. The answer could determine whether or not you want Cameron Diaz running your church. 

9. Lion King 3-D coming.From The Wrap: Disney’s “The Lion King” will be back in movie theaters on Sept. 16, 2011 — this time in 3D — the studio announced Thursday.
By converting and rereleasing the movie, Disney joins a trend.
Earlier this week, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment announced they are converting the 1997 masterpiece “Titanic” and will have it in movie theaters on April 6, 2012.

Observation: 3-D editions of classic movies are becoming part of the entertainment industry’s circle of life.

9. Computer virus targets Macs.From The Wrap: Apple owners, once secure in the knowledge that their computers rarely get viruses, are under attack.
Screenwriters, directors and cinematographers are known to love Mac computers for their ease of use with editing images and writing software. Final Cut Pro, Final Draft and other popular programs make the Mac the laptop of choice for much of the entertainment industry.
But in the past few weeks, a set of Trojan horses has been attacking Hollywood’s favorite computers in greater numbers than ever.

10.“Reality ” show would glamorize swingers. From Deadline: Certain to create controversy, “Bedroom Community” revolves around a group of swingers — suburban couples who swap partners. Lionsgate shot a presentation for the project, which is now being shopped to cable networks…The swinging lifestyle was introduced to American suburbia in the 1960s, and was depicted in the praised but short-lived CBS drama series “Swingtown,” set in the 1970s.

Prediction: It will probably sell. Relatively few people will actually watch but they’ll play with demographics and figure out some way to declare it a hit.

Friday Flashback: Here’s part of a classic 1970’s episode of All in the Family episode on the topic.

No blog Monday. Have a happy and blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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