The element of time is being re-organized, not by anything physical, but by putting useful thoughts in key places and letting them call the shots and initiate betterment.

Relationships between our thoughts and the physical are seen every day. An improved physical condition can improve our attitude. We can even take matters into our own hands and reverse the sequence by improving our attitudes to improve our physical conditions.

The hiccup? It’s not easy to better our attitudes. Or, if we do improve our minds, the physical condition stays the same. But don’t give up before turning that next corner to visible improvement.

The next corner requires leaving behind the human ego and moving forward with what has been defined by leading thinkers as: divine consciousness, the universal Mind, the power of miracles, spirituality, or whatever other word is common to a specific culture.

Despite the multifarious words, we can turn that next corner to visible improvement. Our mental and physical evolution isn’t dependent upon a word, but upon the simplicity of yielding to an unseen force at work.

To speak to an unseen force, let’s review the teachings of genetics.

We know genes change, mutate, and can be manipulated. It’s evolution before our eyes. But we don’t see what causes the evolution. We only see the results of a force at work.

And those results are revealing.

For example, science has confirmed that genetic evolution doesn’t have to take more than a lifetime. Visible change or improvement doesn’t have to take a long time.

A 2015 Oxford study of chicken genetics overturns the popular assumption that evolution is only visible over long time scales. By using the technique of selective mating to combine genes and by studying individual chickens that were part of a long-term pedigree, scientists, led by Professor Greger Larson at Oxford University’s Research Laboratory for Archaeology, found two mutations that had occurred in the mitochondrial genomes of long-term pedigree birds in only fifty years.

For a long time, scientists have believed that the rate of change in the mitochondrial genome was never faster than about 2% per million years. The identification of these mutations shows that the rate of evolution in this pedigree is in fact fifteen times faster.

When it comes to our mental progress, we can translate this Oxford study to qualify another study. Mind study. We can use the technique of selective thinking to combine true and useful thoughts to close the gap in time and reveal visible improvement sooner rather than later.

Here is a list of useless thoughts that hold us back, followed by useful thoughts (printed in bold):

Doing something today in the hopes it will help us in the afterlife. Live for today, not for tomorrow, not for an afterlife, but live for today.

Repeating what we know because we believe it’s always been done that way. Greeting and experimenting with new ideas, to implement new intents or actions that bring more benefit to humanity.

Identifying one’s self with past hurts and grievances. Identifying one’s self with the unseen force even adapting us to survival and purpose.

Trying to satisfy physical drives. Satisfying the drive for personal improvement.

In our efforts to achieve visible progress, the obstacle of time is being removed, thought by thought.

Bio: Cheryl thrives while learning in the classroom of Mother Nature. Landscapes, plants, pets, and wildlife teach her to look deeper and consider the infinite. She also earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Colorado State University back in the day when typing was done manually and typewriters were behemoth machines. Now, Cheryl freelance writes on a range of subjects covering philosophy, principles, and policies. Her book is: from religion & science to God.

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