Everyday Spirituality

Through the study of Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy, I’ve been able to mentally see further than my physical eyes see. Too often, I see only human beings, and can even be tempted to believe that God created these mortal beings, but it doesn’t make sense because God is Spirit. One spirit. And we are the image and likeness of spirit. So, it helps me to reflect on God’s creation as humane beings, full of life, honesty, integrity, strength, good-will, courage, and health.

From 21st Century Science and Health:

“We need to encourage in ourselves and others the right and responsibility to think rightly for ourselves, as God created us capable of doing.

“The human mind has an absolute need of something beyond itself for redemption and healing, and gratefully we are spiritual.

“Keep clearly in thought that we are the offspring of God, not of human beings; that we are spiritual, not defined by limitations; that Soul is Spirit, never trapped inside anything.”

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