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For almost one hundred years now, astronomers have concurred that the universe is expanding. They’ve even decided the rate of expansion is increasing.

Patrick McDonald, of the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, gave an example of an expanding universe, saying, “Acceleration is like you throw a ball up, and it starts going up faster and faster.” Normal attractive gravity is not the cause, therefore, the cause of acceleration has been dubbed “dark energy,” an unknown.

While astronomers are trying to answer their questions, which will probably only generate more unknowns, I’m reminded not to try to measure the immeasurable.

Astronomers are not the only thinkers that try to find a limit to the unlimited. Religionists do it also, even when they believe they have an unlimited God.

An infinite God is just that—infinite. No beginning, no end.

In the book, Science and Health, the first lines in the Bible are interpreted to read, “In the only…”

Starting our prayers with “the only” life and love being infinite, our minds open up to ongoing opportunities and possibilities.

We can see that no one single person, not even Christ Jesus, can fully represent God. Christ Jesus was the son of God, but not God, in and of the infinite.

Allowing in our prayers for the infinite to remain infinite, motivates us in new directions outside of time and place. We can know, or intuit, the best action to take for whatever situation we find our self in.

A long awaited trip was recently canceled that precluded my sister from traveling. There was no detectible reason why the trip should be canceled, however, a great peace followed. Sometimes, we can let go of our human plans and explore new ideas.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “God is indivisible. A part of God could not enter us; neither could God’s inclusiveness be reflected by a single person. If God was divisible, God would be manifestly finite, would lose the deific character, and would then become less than God. Allness is the measure of the infinite and nothing less can express God.”


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