Scientist’s appreciate the spirit of discovery, and as a metaphysical scientist, I’ve learned to appreciate the spirit of discovery that characterizes divine Science and its contributions to the research of spiritual Mind, God.

In divine Science, a clear distinction is made between human mind research and spiritual Mind research. Human mind research analyzes passing thoughts, while divine Mind research gets to know spiritual thoughts that are reliable and effective in the manifestation of wellbeing.

Excellence in teaching and excellence in research are compatible and mutually reinforcing. People are not “told” what truth is, but are scientists in their own right to discover truth. Students of Mind-science can continually experiment and discover spiritual truths that manifest balance and healing.

I’ve found 19th century metaphysician Mary Baker Eddy, through her book, Science and Health, to be a primary teacher in the study of divine Mind and its healing effect on mind and body. However, it is best not to accept Eddy’s concepts as a canon of works or collection of facts handed down to believers through a church system.

While reading literature on spirituality and Mind, we want to challenge ourselves to think more clearly and begin to formulate sophisticated ideas for ourselves. We are not empty barrels to be filled with nice words or concepts. We are thinkers and doers.  We are fully capable of understanding the universe of “God with us,” and demonstrating its rules.



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