“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

You have probably heard it before, you are your own worst enemy.

You are constantly pushing yourself to take care of everybody around you whether it is your spouse, your children, your friends or maybe even your pets. It is likely you have become exhausted, overwhelmed and ultimately, overextended.

You are doing too much for others and not enough for you. You need a break. You deserve a break! You will be in a better position to help others when you spend a little time taking care of you. You don’t have to feel guilty about taking a step back and allowing yourself some time to rejuvenate and replenish your energy.

Here are 10 ways you can give yourself a break – starting today.

1. Sleep in or go to bed early at least once a week. Your body requires sleep in order to stay healthy and strong. Don’t feel guilty if you bow out of a gathering so you can go home and get some sleep.

2. Give yourself 15 minutes in the morning to practice meditation or yoga. You need that quiet time with yourself to relax and ponder life in general.

3. Treat yourself to that banana split from time to time. It is no secret food has a way of bringing us joy. Indulging now and again will not ruin your diet or health.

4. Skip lunch with friends or working in the garden one afternoon and rent that movie you have been secretly wanting to see no matter how trashy or sappy it is.

5. Take a walk and skip out on household chores for a few hours. The dishes will be there when you get back. Enjoy a sunny day without feeling guilty about not doing the laundry.

6. Practice saying no. You don’t have to accept every invitation or offer to help everybody out. Do what you can, but do not feel obligated.

7. Take a long, hot bubble bath with lots of candles and a good book. Turn on some music if that helps to relax you. Turn off the phone and don’t check your email.

8. Immerse yourself in a favorite hobby for at least an hour a week. Whether you like reading, painting or sewing, block out a chunk of time for you to do it. Don’t put it off because you have to babysit, help your friend or run errands for your spouse.

9. Make a list of all the things in your life you are grateful for. Refer to this list once a day and smile. This is what makes life enjoyable.

10. Have a good cry in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom. Sometimes life gets tough and a good cry can make you feel better. It isn’t a sign of weakness and always being strong for others can wear you down.

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