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“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” – Brian Tracy

If you have ever lost a loved one or talked to someone who has, one of the most common sentiments is something like…I wish I would have spent more time with her.

Little things like going fishing, visiting craft fairs or having a meal together seem like impositions today, but when that loved one is gone, it is those little things you remember most. Life is far too short and you rarely realize it until it is too late.

Do what you to can celebrate all those little moments that are often taken for granted. These are the memories you will treasure when someone you love has left this world. Memories like…

1. When your child asks you to play or take a walk—do it. Kids grow up so fast and those times you got to play with your child or simply spend time with your little one will be some of the most precious memories you will ever make.

2. Stop passing up dinner invitations with your family. It is only an hour or two out of your life. You can afford it and you will appreciate the time you got to spend with your family before you can no longer do so.

3. Take a long walk along the beach and enjoy everything you see, hear and smell. Don’t rush, simply enjoy it for the moment. If you have a loved one who wants to come along, take them.

4. Plant flowers in pots and deliver them to your elderly family members and spend some time visiting. Putting off that visit until tomorrow or next week when you are not so busy may be too late.

5. Cook a meal with your sister, son, daughter or parent. Cooking together is relaxing and it gives you time to chat, catch up the experience the moment at hand.

6. Make a real effort to take that trip with your family to somewhere you have been talking about. Don’t put it off.

7. Enjoy a picnic with your family. Take along a ball, a book and the camera and enjoy the company. Leave the cell phone and tablets off or in the car.

8. Lay outside on a summer night and look at the stars with your spouse or your kids. There is something peaceful and soothing about lying under a dark sky at night.

9. Make surprise visits to distant relatives. There is nothing greater than knocking on the door of a loved one and seeing the look of pure joy on their faces.

10. Get involved in a hobby with a loved one. It can be painting, knitting, cooking or anything that appeals to you both. Sitting around making crafts and memories will be a lifelong memory that will make you smile.

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