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“The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.” – Douglas Coupland

Let’s do a little bit of math.

There are 168 hours in a week. How many hours do you spend:
– Working?
– On your computer?
– Talking on your phone?
– Running errands?
– Doing household chores?
– Cooking? Laundry? Cleaning?
– Sleeping?
– Spending time with your family?

And how many hours do you spend time for yourself? Yes, you.

The demands of running a busy home or lending a supporting ear take valuable time. All of these things on your to-do list, no doubt, make it challenging to spend quality, uninterrupted time for you.

But, as you well know, you can’t “create” additional time. If you did find the magic key that opens up more time you would only fill it up again, unless you are ready to change.

However, having time for you is the key to survival during stressful times. You do need time to recharge, renew and rejuvenate to heal and create a safe haven in this chaotic world. Are you ready for change?

How are you going to do just that?

First, go back to your list.
– Get to the point of not feeling guilty or it’s never going to work. To change your situation you must first change yourself, period.
– Think of self-time as self-care. How can you give quality time to the others if you haven’t got the energy yourself?
– Evaluate what needs to be cut out of your schedule because it is not working. You must de-clutter and learn to let go of some things.
– Just grab an hour to yourself before anyone else grabs it.

Keep learning to make time for you so you can make life a little better for others – and for you!

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