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Inner Strength

“Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life.” – Gregory Peck

How many times have you experienced being stretched too thin?

Life will always deliver the knockout punches that make you feel as if you will never get back up again. These times will leave you feeling shaken, weak, bruised and bleeding. You slowly get back on your feet and after a while things appear more peaceful. You start gaining that sense of comfort and security and then ‘Wham!’ another knockout punch.

You ask yourself, how much more can you take? When will you experience normalcy again? Where will you find the strength to face life’s problems again? How do you pull yourself out of crisis again?

You are not alone. And there’s something you can do about it. One of which is building your inner strength.

Here’s how to find the inspiration to start building your inner strength again:

1. Recognize your weaknesses. This means an honest assessment of your challenges and then putting together a plan to improve them.

2. Get fit! Physical strength adds to mental strength, which reduces fatigue leaving your mind clearer to focus.

3. Lean on your closest friends. True friends will be glad to help.

4. Do something constructive. This can be almost anything but stay active and keep your mind sharp – ready for when the time comes when you will need it most.

5. Keep within energizing circles. Avoid negative people or mind-numbing activities. This will put a strain on you mentally and physically.

There are many small ways to stay positive when surrounded by negativity. Don’t let it in. You need to stay calm and focused so when the window of opportunity comes knocking, you will be inspired, strong and ready to act again.

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