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“I’m too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed.” – El DeBarge

The holidays are meant to be filled with love, laughter and joy. Unfortunately, you tend to get so caught up trying to be joyful, you stress out.

The holidays turn into a time of year you dread. You get stressed about some of the most ridiculous things and the beautiful time of year is ruined. You end up feeling as if you are being pulled in a hundred different ways and you can’t keep up.

Don’t let the holidays drag you down! Enjoy the precious time with your loved ones and create memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Check out these 10 stress-busting ways to enjoy the holidays.

1. Don’t measure the value of a gift by the price tag. Whether you are giving or receiving a gift, it is a gift and that is all that truly matters.

2. Don’t try to compete with friends and family in gift giving. Buy what you can afford. Don’t go into debt trying to match dollar for dollar.

3. Be reasonable about your gift expectations. Don’t get bummed when you don’t get a shiny new car on Christmas morning.

4. Keep your body healthy by limiting your alcohol and sugar intake. You will feel better and in turn, you will be happier.

5. Don’t overtax yourself by trying to please everybody. Kindly let your family and friends know you will attend one gathering and you will have to pass on others.

6. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to shop, wrap and relax! Starting your shopping early will allow you to kick back and enjoy the season without feeling rushed and harried.

7. Delegate some of your holiday duties. If you are hosting a dinner, ask for help preparing the meal. Have the kids take care of some of the household chores so you can shop and wrap gifts.

8. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Your body needs sleep to be healthy. Don’t skimp on the sleep because you are too busy.

9. Donate gifts to a worthy charity. It doesn’t have to be a lot. The smallest donation will help remind you it is the season of giving and you will feel better for it.

10. Maintain your normal rituals. If you run for 30 minutes in the morning or read for 30 minutes before bed each night; continue to do so no matter how busy you feel.

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