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2015 goals for the world to achieve

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey

2014 has been a difficult year.

From the Ebola breakout – to the Pakistani school massacre – to the Ferguson protests, the year will be partially defined by fear, conflict and frustration. Every part of the world has been affected by the darkness, which seemed to hover like a thick fog.

But just like each new day offers a second chance; the New Year gives the World the opportunity to do better in 2015. If I could set the goals for the World to achieve in 2015, here’s what would be on my list:

1. No more wars. There should be a real intent to support real peace keeping efforts and politically raise issues through effective channels. There should peaceful resolutions should be put forward.

2. Protection of forests, oceans and rivers. The Earth’s natural resources are under threat and a greater effective international co-operation is needed now.

3. Good, quality education. The standards of education have slipped in the past decade. It’s time that educators and policy-makers to refocus and make changes.

4. Improved internet access. It would mean learning and education for the less fortunate.

5. Freedom from persecution.

6. Tolerance for other people’s beliefs. Without sounding too idealistic the world needs more people who will find a middle ground for racial and religious tolerance and in no way expect others to follow their own beliefs. This goes both ways in both countries.

7. Water for all. There are parts of the world where potable water is nonexistent. World communities should support international campaigns that do their utmost to get clean water to everyone.

8. Affordable and nutritious food. Food or the lack thereof, is a major issue. There are famines around the world yet many people continue to be wasteful of their food.

9. Combat waste. This means recycling and being smart of the things that are being purchased. The Earth is becoming a huge garbage dump.

10. Spread LOVE. Not bigotry, not racism nor hate.

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