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5 Truths

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha

Every day you hear and see things that make you forget who you really are. Your self-esteem, faith and sense of belonging are chipped away by negative influences in your daily life. These things affect you whether you know it or not.

You may not immediately recognize the words or emotions that cause you to feel a little less than who you really are. If you are not reminded of how special you are or reminded of the positive, you tend to forget. The truth gets buried beneath the lies you hear every day.

You can restore your faith and your self-esteem by committing to remind yourself of your positive attributes – and truths. Here are five of these truths to tell yourself every day.

1. You don’t have to settle for anything. You are worth the effort to try a little harder, to push a little harder to get what you really want and need.

2. You will make mistakes, but they do not define you. You are learning every day and your mistakes are your teachers.

3. The little things in life are the most important. You don’t have to have a lot to have it all. Appreciate natural beauty, your friendships and the fact you are alive.

4. Change is the only way to move forward. Embrace change and let it propel you forward in life rather than becoming stagnant with where you are.

5. Your quirks and differences from others are what make you special. You are you and it is something to cherish, not be ashamed of. Celebrate your differences.

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