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“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” – Joseph Campbell

Life is beautiful and can be amazing if you want it to be.

But sometimes it’s difficult to recognize because you are surrounded by tough situations and difficult circumstances. And sometimes when the going gets better, something awful happens again.

You ask yourself –
‘When is this going to end?’
‘Why can’t I for once be normal like everyone else?’
‘Why does it seem like some people have it all?’
‘Why am I stuck under this landslide of problems?’
‘WHY ME??’

Bad things happen and it will happen even to the best of us. But there are ways to rise above the tough times. You can overcome these obstacles and come out a stronger person and better equipped to weather the storms.

If you are experiencing one of life’s storms now, here are a few ways to keep your head above water:

1. Meditate
This may sound new age or “too spiritual” which may not be your thing, but no matter what your personal beliefs are, take time to develop introspection. If this comes in the form of praying or meditating or simply relaxing with your thoughts, it doesn’t really matter.

Meditation is not trying to solve your problems, but it will help you relax so you will have a clearer mind when searching for solutions. Meditation is good for your health too by reducing anxiety and stress.

2. Faith
Believe and be convinced that everything will work out. See the trees in winter and how the branches look desolate and empty? But spring does come again and the tree is brought back to life.

Life is a cycle. And when you are not seeing something positive in your life, it may be because the season has not come yet for you. Spring will come even if you don’t see or feel it now.

Your life is not over; it’s just challenging for the time being.

3. Everything in life is temporary

…so it is with your problems. They will come and go just like the seasons so try to stay positive. Don’t even resist it. It’s the same way when things are good. Each moment is fleeting so enjoy it.

Just because life is giving you a hard time doesn’t mean you can’t laugh or see the beauty around you.

You get a second chance each time you give it a try. Take it and make the best of it.

About Alex Blackwell
Alex Blackwell is a father, husband and writer.

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