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“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” – Rumi, Persian poet


Sometimes that word feels word terrifying. So you stay within your comfort zone; feeling anxious, worried and even afraid about what lies beyond.

Too often you are lulled in this zone with a sense of “security.” But do you know that staying in its confines will only deprive you intellectually, spiritually and physically? Your fears and self-imposed limitations are like walls you have built around you.

While it’s natural to feel apprehension of the unknown, yielding to fear every time you’re faced with something new can be debilitating.

As a result, you’ve become timid with your ideas; you shrink and fade into the background and eventually lose your sense of self. You lack the confidence to explore what’s around you.

But there’s another way. You can choose to break free and live your life the way it should be lived – at loud! Here are three rules to guide you.

Rule #1

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Or put yourself down. No one is perfect. So if you think you are too unattractive, too dull, too boring, etc., you have inadvertently limited your chances of achieving something. Instead, be kind and forgiving to yourself.

Rule #2

Don’t be afraid to fail. Consider your past experiences as guideposts, however, don’t let this drag you down. It make senses to be cautious, but not to the point where it should stop you from seeking new experiences.

Rule #3

Don’t be afraid to explore. You don’t have to plunge into a situation right away – hook, line and sinker. Take it one day at a time. Go ahead, take one tiny risk. Soon you’ll discover that you have developed strength and resiliency.

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