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“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” – Omar Khayyam

When you are feeling down and discouraged by what life can throw at you, believe there’s something to turn your day around.

While some may expect this something to be a grand gesture, it’s often the simple everyday moments that can provide the most inspiration to help calm your fears and refocus your mind. Things like…

1. Receiving a smile from a stranger – It may sound odd, but it can seem a natural reaction to smile back at someone whose only intention is to just be pleasant

2. Hearing a child’s laugh – There is a certain level of innocence reflected in a child’s laughter that can conquer feelings of unhappiness by reminding everyone to think at more simple level.

3. Witnessing an unsolicited act of kindness like someone holding a door – Sometimes when we start to doubt the good in others, a quick reminder is all that is needed to realize there are others in the world who wants to help.

4. Having someone say, “thank you” – Feeling unappreciated can be overcome when you receive a simple thank you for what you have done.

5. Getting recognition at work for a job well done – Working long hours to feel like no one notices can be reversed when you get recognition for your contributions, inspiring you to keep going.

6. Hearing a song that brings a happy memory – Music can be a form of therapy that can allow you to work through sadness, and to put a smile on your face when a song brings joyful memories.

7. Running into an old friend while running an errand – With the hectic lives people seem to live, reconnecting with someone even just for a few minutes can remind you the importance of those in our world.

8. Stopping to admire flowers in bloom – There is something inspirational about seeing flowers right as they begin to bloom. They are delicate and beautiful, a reminder of new growth.

9. Finding a favorite movie to cheer you up – Sitting down to take an hour of two off from the daily grind of life to watch a film that can make you laugh can allow you to forget about what is bringing your down.

10. Being able to fit in clothes that were too small weeks ago – Whether you were trying to lose the final ten pounds or are beginning an incredible weight loss journey, the first time your get back into a pair of pants can show the progress needed to keep going.

Everyday moments can be a catalyst for inspiring both big and small changes in your life. Stopping to take a moment to allow yourself to be open to the world around you can be the first step in a new attitude and improved outlook on your future.

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