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“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

How many times do you hear, “No” in a day? Do you hear the word from your boss, partner or child?

How many times do you say, “No” in a day? Do you say the word to your boss, partner or child?

How many times do you say, “No” to yourself? “No, I don’t have time for myself.” Or, “No, I can’t do that.”

With all of the “Nos” being spoken, just think about how good a “Yes” would sound. Here are 10 heart-warming, inspiring and awesome things that will not only add value to your life, but will give you the opportunity to say “Yes” a little more often:

1. Receiving a Compliment
– Knowing how to take a compliment builds self-confidence. It is polite and acceptable, not conceited, to say “thank you” and smile when someone compliments your outfit or how well you did on a task.

2. Learning to Dance – You don’t have to be a professional or even take official lessons. Purchasing a DVD to practice in the comfort of your own home will do the trick. There’s something magical about connecting rhythm to music in your movements, and there’s plenty of styles to try.

3. Encouraging Your Creativity – Wherever your creativity lies—in scrapbooking, painting, writing, video-making, music—let that energy shine. Make time to let your creativity be your outlet, and you’ll find just how rejuvenating it can be.

4. Sleeping In – You can’t afford to do it every day, if you’re like most people, but you do deserve it at least once a week. Don’t feel guilty about saying yes to this one! It’s nice to get the extra sleep.

5. Watching the Sunrise – Whether you see the sun rise every day on your way to work or rarely get up before noon, taking the time to actually watch and savor a sunrise is like seeing the promise of a new day break through the horizon.

6. Having a Snowball Fight as an Adult – There are some things you should do, no matter your age. A good, old-fashioned snowball fight is one of them. It will be exciting and it will get your heart pumping. Don’t dread the next snowfall; use it to your advantage!

7. Making Time for Yourself
– Definitely a great thing to say yes to is some “you” time. It doesn’t have to be a vacation, but if you have a block of time to yourself, doing whatever YOU want, it will make you feel less stressed and more content. It’s worth it to squeeze into your schedule!

8. Helping Others – Showing an act to kindness to another person, no matter how big or small, will make an impact on someone’s life and make you feel wonderful at the same time. Whether it’s giving to charity, helping a person carry their armload of things, or bringing a home-cooked meal to someone, there are little and big things alike to make a difference and feel good about.

9. Embracing Your Style
– In our society, women especially are challenged with the pressures of looking a certain way. But the sense of self-confidence and personal beauty you’ll gain in embracing your own style, whether it’s fashion-forward or not, will add more to your life than following in the footprints of the world.

10. The Art of Doing Nothing – Sometimes the healthiest thing for your schedule is a block of uninterrupted, guilt-free time. We often take extended breaks or put off tasks, but not without a load of guilt. Feel good about this one though—enjoy the moment, enjoy where you are. You deserve it!

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