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“When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best — that is inspiration.” – Robert Bresson

Welcome to Everyday Inspiration.

My name is Alex Blackwell. For the past four years I’ve been blogging at The BridgeMaker – a faith-based, inspirational blog.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to begin a new journey with this blog, Everyday Inspiration. More important, I’m excited to meet you and join this wonderful community.

Writing about inspiring things is like medicine for my soul. It reminds me that no matter how difficult life can be, I can always find something that will inspire me; something that will lift my spirits and something that will turn even the hardest day into a day worth savoring.

All I have to do, all you have to do, is to take the time to look for the inspiration.

The good news is inspiration is always there, waiting for us and nudging us to remember that every day is indeed worth savoring because every day is a gift.

Who am I?

Believe me; I’m still looking for some of the answers.

With 50 years under my belt, I’m learning that who I am isn’t as important as what I do. My actions – the kindness I share; the love I give and the encouragement I offer; is what matters most. And when I do these things, I always seem to run into myself on the journey to discovering who I am.

It will be my pleasure to share a properly-sized window into my life. By doing so, my hope is you’ll see your life reflected back. And in that reflection, you will see that you are not alone.

We are walking together – walking to a place full of hope, peace, happiness and inspiration that is meant for all of us.

So, who am I?

Here’s a quick peek:

I am…
… a father of four wonderful children: Brandon (27), Caitlin (24), Andrew (21) and Emily (14).
… a husband to Mary Beth for the last 28 years.
… a writer.
… an avid Kansas City Royals baseball fan.
… a child of an alcoholic parent.
… a coffee lover.
… a believer in the power of love, kindness and forgiveness.
… a griever of a lost brother.
… a runner.
… a man who is still learning how to be secure, confident and always faithful.

So, where do I find everyday inspiration?

Here’s a quick peek:

I find everyday inspiration by…
… seeing love in my children’s eyes.
… hearing Mary Beth laugh.
… watching kindness come to life.
… writing the words that will touch another person’s heart.
… turning up a TobyMac song on my morning run.
… remembering that I am more than enough.
… savoring the sun on my face for one more day.
… finding the courage to take a chance.
… realizing when I need to make a change.
… living beyond my mistakes.

I’m looking forward to sharing Everyday Inspiration with you three times a week.

Together, we can inspire each other to never give up; to never turn away from our dreams and to see the beautiful, everyday gifts that are meant for you – and for me.

About Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell is a father, husband and writer. He writes about inspiring things at The BridgeMaker.
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