Everyday Faith


I read somewhere that God will keep bringing you back to a lesson until you master it.

For me, the issue has always been trust. If I can’t do it myself, I worry that it will not get done.

I have a great challenge trusting the unseen, the unknown, and believing that I can truly trust God’s plan for my life when my own plans don’t always work out.

Even today, after I’ve written a devotional on drawing closer to God while waiting for an answer to prayer, I still find it difficult to completely trust that God is directing my steps, has a plan for my life, and is working everything out for good.

Which I suppose makes me human. But being human is not an excuse for keeping our distance from God.

This whole issue of learning to trust God reminds me of learning to swim. You hold onto the side of the pool with a death grip that turns your knuckles white while you look longingly over your shoulder at the other people swimming and floating and playing in the middle of the pool.

You know that the only way you can join them is to let go.

But you can’t because you’re afraid that if you do, you’ll drown.

In instances like this, our fear is more tangible than the possibility that we might actually be able to swim, or float, or at least discover that our feet can touch the bottom of the pool and we can stand. However, we can’t discover any of these things because our fear has paralyzed us into being glued to the side of the pool by our own death grip.

Maybe this is what God is trying to tell me (us). Let Go. Trust that you’ll be okay, one way or another. Trust. Let Go. Let God.

Let Go. Let God.

God will continue to remind us that trusting Him is the most important step in growing our relationship with Him. He will keep reminding us until we finally let go.


Trust is my stumbling block. What’s yours? What is keeping you from a closer relationship with God? What are you doing to work on it?