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So often, when we hurt someone, we feel that we must do something to make amends. We have to ask for forgiveness and hope that the other person will forgive us. Just so, when we do something to harm ourselves, […]

The Purpose of this Journey   Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson   I explode off the starting blocks. My arms slice through the water, my legs create a rooster’s tail of frothy water behind me as I race for the other end […]

Often, when I’m speaking with someone who doesn’t agree with something I’ve said, especially with regard to my religious beliefs, I’m too quick to defend myself or take offense or worse yet, get angry out of frustration . . . or dare we […]

This was a big week. The house I rent went under contract. I have two months to find another dog-friendly home. Then I caught pneumonia, and spent five days in bed. I wish I could tell you that I met […]

Here’s the thing that makes forgiving others difficult: to do so may require that we re-visit whatever painful event that caused the need for forgiveness in the first place. More often than not, we find it easier to brush the […]

I believe the Bible contains a simple, yet profoundly effective, recipe for success in life. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s pull them apart and see what God is recommending for a more fruitful life And now, dear brothers and sisters, […]

Part of pursuing our dreams is learning how to use our time wisely, living consciously, especially when we have families that count on us and jobs that take up the better part of our day. It’s very easy to let […]