I know it’s become popular, but I’ve become suspect of using traditional goal-setting strategies and business process techniques to change personal habits and pursue a meaningful life. While I can admit that there’s something invigorating–even exciting–about casting a new vision, writing that list of goals and objectives and getting a fresh start, I also know that sooner or later we all come face to face with the gap between our intentions and our ability to follow through.

Skimming dozens of blog posts, status updates and Tweets over the past week, there were lots of interesting discussions about following dreams, pursuing personal change and launching exciting new projects in 2012. Unfortunately, there was far less discussion about what it takes for well-intentioned individuals to translate these admirable aspirations to sustained and approaches over the long haul. Instead, there seemed to be an unspoken assumption that many New Year’s goals would be abandoned before winter turned to spring.

So what about you? Did you make any resolutions today? Did you consider the relationship between what you are setting out to do and how you might get there? What are the ethics of a commitment (or lack of commitment) to a new endeavor?







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