Holly Rossi over at Fresh Living asks a question in her post, When Should You Confront a Smoker? A great question in my opinion, and it got me thinking.

My dad was, quite simply, the definition of a chain-smoker. And he was a doctor, which made his addiction an unforgivable hypocrisy in my mind as a child. As I grew older, I realized things weren’t so black and white — however, my breaking point came when he became so ill that he needed to be in the hospital, needed a wheelchair and an oxygen tank, and still insisted on being wheeled downstairs for a smoke. One time, he lit up in his hospital room, inviting a visit from the hospital manager and a security guard. I still blush when I think of it.
So, when I see my friends puffing away, it’s hard to keep my mouth shut. It’s not really socially “acceptable” to preach the evils of smoking, is it? But when you’ve seen firsthand how it ravages the body of someone you love, it’s hard to keep quiet. Yet I do keep quiet…and I have to wonder, is that as bad as not speaking up if I see someone about to take a leap off a building?
Ok, that may be a bit extreme. 
Holly and I seem to be of similar minds on this one; we’re both hesitant to speak for fear of sounding preachy and judgmental. What do you think?

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