Everyday Ethics

As the decade winds to an end, it’s natural for us all to look back at the years behind us. Last night I shared a drink with a friend and reminisced about Y2K. I thought back to the friends I celebrated with, the relationships we had all been in — and how far we each have come.

As often happens since the birth of this blog, I started to consider how my personal morals and ethics had developed over the last ten years. I think in many ways I’m less naive, yet more idealistic. Harder in some ways, and more passionate in others. And those changes have definitely played out in my daily ethical decisions.

I’d like to think that I make better, wise, kinder choices than I did ten years ago. It’s certainly easy to remember some royally bad decisions I made in the past, and to see that such screwups and failures have become less and less common.

I wonder if that is the norm; do we tend to become more “moral” as we age, or do we become harder and more self-concerned?

How have you grown in the last decade?