Short answer? For me, yes. And apparently, so does bloggery. I’d like to apologize for being light on the ethical pondering the last couple days, folks. It’s been a heckuva week at work, and I’ve been so swamped I’m literally looking up from my inbox after midnight wondering where the heck (and who the heck) I am.

It hasn’t made me the nicest of people at my job, either. 

Shocking confession: I don’t handle stress well all the time. (Everyone who knows me is well aware of this. “Hysterical” and “Hillary” are not so far apart etymologically.) You’d think I was 25, instead of 35, the way I tend to dither and fret when big projects come due. I’ve managed to hold it together for the most part, but my email responses have gone from, “Dear so and so, thank you for your kind response, I’ll get back to you on that later…” to “TY, ttyl” if that. 
No big deal, I suppose. We can all be forgiven for being abrupt, right? But what about truly gruff? I ask because, ugh, I really snapped at someone today.
Granted, they kind of deserved it. But oh, how I wanted to be the bigger person and not rise to the bait. I wanted in the worst way to be mature, in control, and cool under pressure. HA! Dream on. 
So, dear bloggies, what do you do when the pressure’s on? How do you maintain grace under fire?

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