Today the New York Post reported that looky-loos trying to get an eyeful of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who was apparently filmed in a state of undress without her knowledge or consent through the peephole of her hotel room, went trolling the internet for a video, only to encounter, instead… a virus.

All I can say is, HA!

Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You deserve what you got.

Exploiting women on the internet may be a huge, unstoppable business, but any time people who support it by trying to download the video (Paris Hilton’s sex tape comes to mind) get screwed, I feel a little justice has been served.

It’s one thing if you yourself put a video out there for money, or any other reason. It’s another if someone violates your privacy by surreptitiously filming you, then releasing the results for millions to see. And while I hold the perpetrator of that crime the most responsibile, those who buy — or try to beg, borrow, or in this case download — the product of his criminal act, in full knowledge of the humiliation and pain it causes the victim, are far from blameless.

So if you came to this page searching for that video — you’re getting a wag of my finger for this huge ethical no-no.

Do you agree with my take on this topic?

UPDATE 7/22/09: The Washington Post agrees — sort of (they suggest it’s possible Andrews knew she was being taped and this is all a cynical publicity stunt). See their article here.


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