“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Those are powerful words within the Lord’s Prayer. Christians are taught to seek forgiveness from God as they forgive those who have transgressed against them. This concept of forgiveness is seen throughout the West and East.
Bhudda said that remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden in the mind. Other Eastern scholars a have likened holding on to someone’s past wrong to ingesting poison. The point is we need to let go of any reason for negativity.

The bottom line always lies in the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. We all make mistakes and when we do we want them to be forgiven. Shouldn’t we extend that same courtesy to others as well?
One of the most powerful examples of forgiveness is the forgiveness shown by those in Charlotte last year when a young confused boy killed nine church members including their Pastor. It took great strength for the surviving families to say uniformly that they were devastated by the loss but that they forgave the young man who they welcomed into their church only to have him kill most of those inside. I don’t know if I have that strength but I do understand that holding on to hate would burden my mind and would be like a poison festering within.
Let us focus upon forgiveness. Let us first and foremost forgive ourselves and know that we are loved and are always worthy of God’s love. This should help us to understand that we are all loved and should all be forgiven. It is not easy being on the path to enlightenment but the hard work is always rewarded with real progress. Please listen to the Lord’s Prayer and focus upon forgiving those who hurt us just as we are forgiven by the Lord for our sins. It will take us one step closer to the freedom that we seek.


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