If ever you are worried, fearful, or think that things are not all right, hand it over to God.

Put your problems into God’s infinite care.  Hold up the troubles so that God can see them.  He will see your good intentions and efforts to do what is right, be your best, and be good to others.  Put your whole life into God’s hands, and then hand Him the credit and appreciation.

God knows that you are all right.  He made you in His image; it’s not possible for you to be less than good, or whole.  You’re one of God’s wonderful creations, under God’s great care.  All you need to do is to love God, and love your neighbor (as Jesus Christ taught).

Don’t be dismayed that your humanness is limited, or that you experience both good and bad.  This is also part of God’s creation.  He created a universe that is polarized, always vibrating and shifting between poles of positive and negative.  Like batteries, our human electricity is always moving from one to the other polarity.  Everything in His creation is always seeking balance, between extremes of opposition, plus and minus.

So what that means is that inside this material world, as human beings, we too are shifting between extremes.  We go between good and bad, hot and cold, on and off.  Sometimes the appropriate way is one way today, but it might very well be the opposite tomorrow.  There are sunny days, partly cloudy days, and then dark cloudy or even rainy days.  Everything changes, that you can be sure of.  Your problems and challenges are changing too — tomorrow they will be different, especially with God’s help.

As children and lovers of God, we are fully human and we are also Divine at our center.  As the material world and life shifts from one thing to another, deep in our core is perfect balance – the likeness of God – guiding us, loving us, being us.

Don’t forget – God loves us and we love Him.  Remind your neighbors!

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