There’s an old saying found in Twelve Step groups: “First Things First.”  When I first heard that years ago from a client, I honestly wondered what it meant.

Was it the “first thing” that came to mind?  Or is the “first thing” or event, that’s most recent?

After pondering the saying for a long time, and discussing it for even longer, I’ve come to realize it’s about priorities.  “First Things First” is about taking care of what’s most important; perhaps what’s most troubling, too.

What’s YOUR “first thing?”  Is it your health?  Are you facing a health crisis, or is your physical or mental health causing problems?  Perhaps it’s excess weight, and you’re just not able to lose it and get healthier.  Or may be it’s about some problem with your body or difficult thoughts or emotions that you’ve been putting off solving – possibly because it’s embarrassing, or you fear that dealing with it will be painful or too difficult.

Is your “first thing” a problem with money?  Do you make enough to cover your bills and expenses?  Are you employed?  Are you spending too much?

Perhaps your priority is relational: are you lonely, or is your partner or spouse causing you problems or pain?  Perhaps it’s the challenges of parenting.  Or perhaps it’s your parents that are a problem.

What ever is first; whatever problem or challenge is facing you – I encourage you to put it first in line for a solution.  Take action on that top priority.  Make what’s troubling you first in line for your attention.

First step:  put the problem in God’s mighty hands and ask him for help.  Ask Him for the courage to take action and just GET IT DONE.  Then, get busy and just do it.

We all have problems and priorities.  You’re not alone!  Please share what you’re working on and asking God to help you with in a comment below.  It’s nice to know we’re in good company, because we can all get through that “first thing” together.

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