Here are some quick tips and ideas for healthier summer meals, either on the go, or at home.

— Avoid carbohydrates.  Have your protein on lettuce leaves, in a salad, or by itself.

— Order a sandwich without the bun, or if you must, have a whole grain roll or bread.

— Order or cook grilled fish instead of red meats

— Skip sides at meals.  Forgo the potato salad, slaw, chips, etc.

— Hit the salad bar at restaurants instead of the high-fat burgers.

— Order or cook grilled fish instead of red meats

— Get into a salad habit.  Make them really delicious and exciting by adding kidney beans or chic peas, raw vegetables such as green beans, broccoli or corn.  Try different lettuces, such as raddichio, mesclin, or red oak.  Add fruit to salad, such as mandarin oranges, strawberries or raisins.

— Make a vegetable the center of the meal, instead of meat.  Try making a tomato-centered meal, with tomato and cottage cheese, crabmeat stuffed tomato, or cold gazpacho soup made from fresh tomato.

— Get out the grill and try fruit-kabobs with chicken: add cherry tomato, pineapple, green pepper, mango with pre-cooked chicken (it takes much longer to cook the chicken than the fruit).

Let’s hear some meal ideas from YOU!  Please post a comment below

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