There’s a drug, well perhaps it’s a “dietary supplement,” melatonin, that was popular in the 1990’s for such things as jet lag, sleep trouble, insomnia, and even for anti-aging.

Now, it’s back again as an ingredient in baked goods! With products like Lulla Pies and Lazy Cakes, the claim is that you can get better sleep and rest, with very little risk. Not so!

This is all about the “energy craze,” and the resultant sleep deprivation/disturbed sleep aftermath.  The energy craze goes on and on. With “drinks” containing taurine and high amounts of caffeine already selling plenty, melatonin goes on the list.

What is this energy craze all about? It’s about greed, clear and simple. We’re so ambitious and greedy, we need more time and energy to make more money, to have more things, to do more, be more.  If we have an energy problem, why don’t we do less and be more efficient with our precious time?

If the result of such hard-driving and energy consumption, we have sleep problems, is it worth it? Why don’t we just eat healthfully, exercise, take naps and get proper rest?  Adn push a little less?

With such a greedily obesessed culture, no wonder we’re in need of more, more, more energy, and better sleep.

There are risks with melatonin, as there are with any drug or supplement. Such risks might include sleep irregularity (not helping, but causing sleep problems), disruptions of natural body rhythms, hangover effects, and possibilities of serious accidents while driving.

Don’t do it! Or at least consult your doctor before having any melatonin cakes.

Also, here’s an article in the New York Times about it, FYI.

–note:  this is a revision of a previously published post.

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