Here’s a delicious and healthier recipe for you today. It’s pasta with a nice clam and broccoli Rabe combination. A different Italian pasta dish, without tomatoes. It’s got lots of Omega oils, and olive oil, too, with a fantastic vegetable.


This is a really easy, fast meal that is lower in fats and is healthier, too, at the same time delicious. It may be homemade, or from a can. Either is good! Serves 2

1 can White (or Red) Clam Sauce
8 ozs pasta
1 bunch broccoli Rabe
A clove or two of fresh garlic
1 tsp.olive oil

Cook the pasta according to directions. Heat the clam sauce but don’t boil. Wash the broccoli Rabe, and place in a skillet with crushed garlic and the oilve oil, and 1/4 cup water. Lightly sauté over light heat. Please do not overcook!

When the pasta is done, drain and mix in the clam sauce. Serve in bowls, with the broccoli Rabe on top.

If you have time and inclination (like a clock in the leaning tower of Piza! Chuckle. Chuckle.) get a dozen clams, shuck them, lightly cook both the shells and the clams in some garlic, olive oil and water — add oregano at the last second. Save the broth and clams, but toss out the shells and serve.


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