Not an obvious association or something you might make: automobile accidents and obesity, but I recently read that obese folks may be experiencing an increased risk of fatalities in automobile crashes.

According to a recent report in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, people who are extremely fat, or “morbidly obese,” in medical jargon, are more likely to meet their maker in car crashes, compared to merely “overweight” people.

People who are in that category, just overweight, actually have a lower fatality rate than “thin” folks.

Why could this be?  Please share YOUR thoughts below, in a comment.

I think it may be because obese people (like I used to be) are ignored or forgotten in car design,  It’s just plain hard to fit into most cars these days, if you’re a big person.  Also, in the report it mentions that obese people often have other medical problems, making it difficult to treat them in emergency situations, or if surgery is required.

Yet another reason to get healthier, and not be obese.  Ask God for help.


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