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This week, I’m featuring sections of my new book, “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer,” the chapter on Holy Mt. Athos.  You may have seen the “60 Minutes” segment, and want to know more.  In my book, I also have a lot of quotes and instructions from the monks on how to use prayer in your life, outside of a monastery.

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In his work, Instructions to the Hesychasts, also know as On Stillness and Prayer, Gregory advises anyone who sets out to say the Jesus Prayer aloud to “appeal to the Lord quietly and without agitation, so that the voice does not disturb the attention of the mind and does not thus break off the prayer, until the mind is accustomed to this… and, receiving force from the Spirit, firmly prays within on its own. Then there will be no need to say the prayer with the lips.”

Of course, Gregory was conscious of the unbidden distractions that enter the mind even during the most intense moments of concentration. “When you notice thoughts arising and accosting you,” he said, “do not look at them, even if they are not bad; but keeping the mind firmly in the heart, call to Lord Jesus and you will soon sweep away the thoughts and drive out their instigators—the demons.”

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