I remember as a child visiting the “old folks,” my Great Aunt and Great Uncle, my Grandmother, even my parents, who I thought acted very old.  I remember that they didn’t move very much.  I’d be up and about, dancing around, little-kid-like.  They’d be sitting all the time.

As the years went by, they sat and sat.  When they did get up, it was a big deal: they’d strain and groan, proclaiming “aches and pains.”  More years went by, and they kept sitting.  My dad would complain about a stiff neck all the time.  Mom said her knees and arthritis kept her in  bed all the time.

Now that I’m a parent with adult kids, and me and my friends have reached the ages of my parents – I’m determined to NOT get all achy and stiff with pain.  I’m up and moving.  I’m not going to be “set in my ways” sedentary as I age!

I dance every day.  That’s my thing.  I just love to start each day, and end each day with 15-20 minutes of dancing.  I’m not a particularly great dancer, but who cares?  Not my wife who I love to dance and stretch with early each morning.  Not my much older dance classmate ladies at the weekly “Dances For a Variable Population” group!  Some of them are in their 80’s and limber and agile as can be.

I think the key to aging gracefully is movement.  It’s vitally important to not sit in chairs or lay in bed all the time.  Get up and move.  Anything – dancing, yoga, walking, hiking, even some fun sports like badminton or tennis, racquetball or just throwing or kicking a ball with a friend.

What do YOU do to stay young-in-body and agile?  What form of movement do YOU do every day?  Please share your joy of movement in a comment below.

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