The Bible says in Genesis that God created everything, but then he took a rest on the seventh day.  I’m going to do that, too.  Not create!  God did that, and I certainly can’t create much, myself.  I’m going to do what he did on the seventh day, and rest.  Time for a recharge.

I’m off to a spiritual retreat, may I say.  I’m going to a potluck dinner tonight, at a house where a group of young Christians have invited me to stay and show “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer” and watch it together.  I’m bringing a vegan vegetable casserole, and a chocolate cake to the potluck.  And DVD’s.  I’m excited!

I plan to really enjoy myself – rest – renew – share in spiritual fellowship.  I feel so blessed!

I hope you will take a rest, and renewal at least one day this week.  I hope you’ll join with others in fellowship for love of God. No need for a vegan casserole, but wouldn’t your body enjoy it?

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