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So, after three weeks of being on a no-carb diet, actually at about the two week mark, I began to add some carbohydrates back into my eating plan. I had lost 12 pounds, and I am very happy about that. It’s all by God’s grace, of course, that I have been able to modify my eating habits, and act accordingly.

Following several no or low-carb plans, I made my own. I ate mostly non-starchy vegetables and low-fat meats, including a lot of fish and poultry. I did eat some red meat. I have to admit, this was a diet I can easily follow!

Adding back carbohydrates meant a piece of bread a day, but only whole wheat. It meant a glass of red wine after dinner, which is also good for the heart. That was rather easy, too! I also ate a little fruit: banana, orange slices and a little apple. I still was avoiding the high sugar fruits, such as raisins, peaches, and pineapple.

I added some higher carbohydrate vegetables: beets, especially, which I truly love. Also some carrots, and even a little sweet potato. I still avoided white potatoes, corn and peas. Those will come back this week, perhaps.

There are plenty of warnings that after a no, or very low carbohydrate diet there might be backlashes — cravings for carbs, and even bingeing. This happened to me, too, and all I could do was stay out of the kitchen (especially at night), and pray continually not to suddenly overeat or binge. My wife also helped, too, by reminding me of the work i had done to lose the 12 pounds, and that it wouldn’t be worth it to have extra carbs. She is very right, and I sure appreciate her help.

But I have to give all praise and thanks to God and Jesus, who have been with me every step of the way. They’re with me now as I still endeavor to keep eating less, and using my body and mind to the fullest. After all, I still have a few more pounds to take off.


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