I love it, our American first lady Michelle Obama is really working hard to stop the outrageous insult to our nation and world health, by negotiating with stores and now restaurants to offer better, healthier food.  We have an increasing obesity problem because of so much processed food that contains added fats, sugar and salt.

Last month she announced a breakthrough with Walmart stores.  Now, she’s announcing work with the National Restaurant Association.  Along with her staff, she’s doing her best to get portion sizes reduced, accurate labels, and foods with less salt, fat and sugar.   She’s almost convinced them to change children’s menus from burgers, pizza and fried food – to feature vegetable and fruit slices – and to eliminate sodas and French fries.  Hooray!  Thanks, Mrs. Obama!  But the work’s not over.

A year ago she launched her “Let’s Move” campaign to get us exercising and moving more.  That’s great.  Are you moving more?  I am!

She was effective in convincing Congress to serve better, healthier offerings, too.

Remember the White House garden she planted in her first year, along with her kinds and their friends?  Let’s all order seeds and starts and get our garden planning in gear, so we can join her in growing our own healthier foods.

Here’s a New York Times article that you may like to read about her campaign and efforts on our behalf.

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