We were treated to the news the other day that Lindsay Lohan, the 24 year-old actress who has been in and out of rehab treatment, is out again from the Betty Ford Clinic, according to Radar and TMZ.  We also heard rumors that she’s in again with her ex, or moving across the street, or whatever…

Her father, Michael, appearing on a morning talk show said he wasn’t going to comment on his actress daughter, saying, “I have pledged not to make any comments about my daughter.”  Good idea – let the young girl have some peace. Lohan herself supposedly texted a message contradicting reports, saying she was staying a few days longer.  It’s none of our business, really.

Lindsay Lohan had been ordered by courts to the Betty Ford Clinic in Pasadena, CA for three months, after violating previous court orders, and using cocaine and Adderall.

Why do we care?  Other than obsession with celebrities?  I think it’s because she’s not the only one struggling with addictions. Many of us have them, be it drugs, alcohol, sex, overeating, work – if one is bound to habitual overuse of anything, or cannot stop, it gets into the area of compulsions and addictions. She’s not alone by any means.

Is it unusual to have to go to rehab and get treatment more than once?  No.  Many people who have struggled with addictions are in and out of treatment.  It’s not uncommon for addicts to return many times, even 5 or more times.   Why?  Recovering from addictions is a continual effort.

To realize lasting freedom from addiction, it takes daily routine, commitment and dedication.  It’s not like it’s a one-time intervention.  Those of us who are recovered or recovering know full well.  Addiction recovery is like nurturing a valuable relationship.  It takes a lifetime.

I applaud Lindsay Lohan, and the judge who helped her by ordering her to get treatment.  I pray that she finds God, and asks for help.  To me, that’s the only true, lasting way to find freedom from compulsion and addiction.

Do YOU need help with addictions?  Look to God.  Go to a 12-Step program.  Have you enjoyed recovery?  Please share your story by commenting below.

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