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I wrote last weekend that I’m cutting out carbs, and losing those nagging 20 pounds.  So far so good. Take a look here, and at the comments.  1.5 pounds gone so far.  Safely, slowly.  Easy does it kind of approach.

By the grace of God (only) I haven’t been eating any carbs at all, or had any to drink either.  Lots of vegetables, not fruits yet, as they’re high in carbs too, of course.  But only another week and a half or so without fruit.  Vitamins and minerals come with fruit, and they’re important.

I’m trying to have a little low-fat protein, such as fish and poultry.  All lean.

I’m not hungry.  Have much more energy, and can stay up later.  My work too, is improved.

Speaking with my friend and client, Nancy, who has lost 49 pounds this way – all she says she’s missing is the crunch in crackers and pretzels.   Celery isn’t getting it for her!  She wants “dry and crunchy” and that’s hard to get while eating a no or low-carb diet.  Hadn’t quite thought of it that way, but she’s right, right?

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