As we wrap up our holiday shopping, let me give those last-minute shoppers (like myself) a good gift tip.  This one is really easy, involves no trips to stores, or parking.  You don’t even need to shop online.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost money.  Yet, this is one of the most valuable gifts anyone could give.

Give someone you love the gift of your time and attention.  Spend some extra time with your spouse or lover.  Find a moment in your busy day to give time to a friend.  Offer to have tea with someone, and a good conversation.  Offer an errand for a friend in need.  Spend some time with someone who is sick, in pain, or suffering.  Call someone on the phone, and have an hour chat.  Read a book to a child.

Even better, find some holiday cheer and give a little time to a stranger.  Go visit a homeless shelter, and sing some Christmas caroles.  Help at a food bank for the poor.  Give $5 to a homeless person, and ask them about their day.

Thoughts?  Take the time to share them here!

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