It happened again.  Much to your better judgment.  All the “willpower” went out the door in favor of deep-fried everything.  Sauces.  Mayonnaise.  Fat.  Sugar.  Desserts.  Late night snacks.  My, oh my.

What to do now?

— don’t give up
— know that it will take a couple of days to get back to your regular food and activity plan.  Take your time.
— don’t go on a sudden deprivation diet.

— eat less of everything
— eat more vegetables, instead of the fried stuff, less meat, no desserts
— instead of dessert, have fresh fruit.  A fruit cup or fruit salad is delicious and so healthy.
— pray, pray, and pray
–meditate to relieve stress and guilt
–ask God, or your Higher Power for help.

Please post some encouragement in a comment below.  It will help others, and will recommit yourself to lasting healthy practices.

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