Are you angry, disappointed, upset, or wish you could change someone close to you?  Have you gotten engaged in an argument, heated debate or power-struggle with a family member or close friend?

If so, you may be harboring some resentments and difficult emotions deep down, and it might be affecting your health.

Holding anger often wants to cause hurt to the person you’re angry at.  You may want to punish them, or cause them pain, as they’ve done to you.

Being disappointed may mean that you had very high expectations that were impossible to meet.

Getting upset could actually indicate that something you’ve hidden, disowned, or are upset about yourself may have gotten triggered, or stirred-up inside you.

Wishing someone would change, or become or act the way you want them to be, may well be a matter of you not allowing that person to be who they are.

In other words, holding anger, disappointments, being upset or trying too hard to change others is really about YOU.  Try forgiving them, and see if it makes YOU feel better.

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