I was reminded this morning about the importance of being human.

Our washing machine was not working right, and my wife said there was a “burning smell.”  I had tested it, and sure enough, the agitator wasn’t turning.  The clothes just sat soaking.  We waited two days for a service technician to arrive.  We need our clothes to be washed, and I was looking forward to it getting fixed.

This morning, a very tall man with dreadlocks arrived with tools.  He tried the machine.  Water filled the tub.  The agitator turned and churned.  No problem.  No burning smell.

While he was testing it, waiting for a full wash cycle to go through, we got to talking.  I detected an accent, and asked if he was from Jamaica. The dreadlocks also were a big clue.  Sure enough, he is Jamaican!  We talked about Reggae music, and Jamaican culture, while the washer continued on its cycles.

We talked about favorite movies.  Then got into how important it is to care for the earth, and other people.  I said I always like to make a human connection with people.  No matter who they are.  I could tell he was a spirited man, with a kind heart.

We became friends, the washer repairman and I.  Actually, he’s no longer the repairman, he’s Scarlett, a human being.

The washer is working fine.  Perhaps him just being present, it worked correctly.  I think I may never see Scarlett again, but that doesn’t matter.  We’re connected in that great bond of humanity: human beings, being human.

Truth is, the washer really wasn’t working before he arrived.  It must have an intermittent problem.  I bet I’ll have to call and get it repaired again some day.  Happily, there’s a warranty!  I hope they send Scarlett.  He’s a great person.

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